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$4.00 English Muffins?

March 22, 2011

North GA Community

I was just at Kroger.  I needed to pick up some broccoli for dinner and as my broccoli in the garden is still quite small, I had to give in and go to the store.  Normally I try to avoid big boxes and invest my dollars in the local economy.  But as there were no farmer’s markets readily available….I succumbed to Krogrer.

When I passed the bread section an idea struck me to make a special breakfast for a certain someone.  While I don’t eat wheat, he does, so I decided to grab a package of Thomas’ English muffins in order to make a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for my friend.  I grabbed the package and almost did a double take!  Surely that wasn’t the price of the English muffins?  Nearly $4.00?

After checking the price ticket, however, I sadly realized that English muffins had become victim to inflation.  There was no way I was going to spend that much money on them, so I put them back.  It was then that my eyes caught glimpse of the Kroger brand – newly packaged without cardboard in a trim plastic wrapper.  No, they don’t taste exactly like Thomas’ but they’re close enough.  And, at $1.89, well I was thinking they were going to be AWESOME.


Super Full Moon: 19 March 2011

March 20, 2011

I had the priviledge of spending this evening filming the Super Full Moon.

This meant I got to spend hours outside, listening to the night-time bugs make their chirping noises and feel the warm early (almost) Spring on my face.  It was tranquil and hypnotic.  The moon was glorious when she wasn’t hiding behind the clouds.



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Stuff Going On In North Georgia

March 5, 2011

So much is happening in north Georgia this Spring, I can’t contain it all in this blog!

That’s great news, for sure.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Cedar Hill Enrichment Center is offering a myriad of classes and workshops. Of special note: an Apple Grafting class March 19 (two classes actually – one in the morning and a second in the afternoon. Choose which one is most convenient for you.)
  • LUNAFEST. The folks at Luna Bars sponsor an independent film festival each year that is by, for and about women.  This year’s film includes 10 short films and will be aired in Cumming, Georgia on March 26.  Proceeds will go to Faith’s House, a north Georgia non-profit that aids single mothers and thier children through education.
  • The New Driven Radio Show: features only independent rock bands, (from a variety of genre’s), every Tuesday from 9-11pm.  Great music from band you wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

  • Sloppy Dogs in Cumming, Georgia. This is a hot-dog emporium that serves custom ‘dogs’ in a variety of delicious and unique ways.  They often tweet about their customer’s businesses in order to promote local business!  Way to give back!

Enjoy the Spring weather and remember that we are all part of the Whole.  Forgiveness is love in action. Be part of the solution!


The Value In Working With a GREEN Real Estate Agent

February 2, 2011

For info on this property, call Jennifer at 678-617-0715

No one has to tell any of us that the economy and housing market has been stressed over the past few years.  I think we’re all surprised at how long the ‘economic re-adjustment’ has taken and also by the fact that turn-around has been slow and hard to measure.

However, most of us realize that this can’t go on forever and that we’re probably in the beginning phase of recovery.  Along those lines, many realize that now is a great time to begin looking at real estate as prices are rock-bottom and interest rates are at epic lows.

At the same time,  the past few years of difficulty has left many re-thinking the American lifestyle and gravitating to a more sustainable way of living.   Smart thinking.  Though the economy will recover, a great many economic forecasters predict that we may not return to the wealth experienced over the past 25 years.  You may be considering the purchase of a new home, but instead of thinking bigger, you may well be thinking smaller, smarter, and efficient.

North Georgia is blessed with an abundance of wonderful Realtors and Agents who are able to help you find and buy a new home or sell your existing one.  But few, if any, are able to help you locate a home that will reduce your energy costs significantly or advise you in ways to improve the energy efficiency of the home you wish to sell.   Selling a home at present is a challenge.  But you’ll rise to the top of the heap if your home is the energy efficient/GREEN choice!

Jennifer Pirkle: Certified Energy Auditor and Real Estate Specialist

Enter Jennifer Pirkle of Harvest Realty.  A passionate Real Estate Specialist who loves people and loves even more facilitating a happy ending, Jennifer is also a Certified Energy Auditor.  She performs energy audits for both buyers and sellers.  To find out how Jennifer can help you, call her at: 678-617-0715.  Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, Jennifer serves the Northeastern region of Georgia.


Our Dream for 2011 – Statement of Purpose

January 3, 2011

A Community is built in the same way as this fence.

Dreams are a good thing – they can take us to our higher selves and to higher places.  They can help us define a plan of action for the reality that is our lives.

With that in mind, we’re taking a little time to target where we envision North Georgia Community going in 2011.

North Georgia Community was begun to help highlight all the great things north Georgia has to offer.  It was meant to be a platform to spotlight events, non-profits and local businesses and to support all things local.  It’s also a way to celebrate the fact that even though we are all individuals with various beliefs and leanings, we are at our core, One people.  Diversity makes us stronger.  Everyone is welcome.

To firm that up a bit, North GA Community will:

  • Generate regular articles spotlighting the people, places and events of North Georgia.
  • Conduct video interviews and post more video in general – you can’t take bad footage in north GA – everywhere you look is picturesque!
  • Teach sustainability practices that are easily adapted into people’s home routines and that save money and valuable resources.
  • Utilize Twitter effectively for broadcasting our blog posts.
  • Post regular Facebook updates.
  • Networking with the north Georgia community in general in order to build commerce, community, openness and a greater sense of ONE.
  • Celebrate all things grown, made and created in north GA.

The biggest focus we have for NGC in 2011 is to be a positive part of the great global shift that is upon us and ensure that all of us who live and work in north Georgia remain vital, prosperous and healthy in every way.

Change is good, especially when you’re ready for it and well prepared.  As we take the steps away from the old economy and old

thought forms and move

more into a new way of achieving our goals, we need to remember that each of us plays a part in the suc

cess and growth of our community.  Our focus here at NGC will be help ensure that everyone makes this shift positively and that our brothers and sisters who live among us are well fed and cared for.

You can’t have a sustainable, growing economy if some of our citizens suffer in poverty.


The Things To Come: Embracing 2011

December 24, 2010

North Georgia Community - Built Upon Each Other

2011 holds so much promise, don’t you think?  Every new year does, of course.  But for the past few year’s we’ve watched our economy crash and burn and our national debt rise.  We’ve witnessed horrifying devastation in country’s like Haiti and human suffering that brought tears to our eyes.

But hope springs eternal and 2011, if nothing else, is filled with hope.

For the world, my wish is love, healing, forgiveness and a sense of our corporate ‘Oneness’.

It has always struck me how in an instant our better nature can rise to the surface in times of terrible tragedy, like 911, the Haiti earth quake, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, and the hurricane Katrina catastrophe. Whether it was an American disaster or one in another part of the world, our hearts were stirred and the compassion that lives in our better nature surfaced.  So, it saddens me that after a period of time, somehow we allow our hearts to harden again.  We forget that sense of being a part of each other, of the fact that there really isn’t ANYTHING that separates us.  Sadly, then indifference or judgment set back in.

If we could all find a way to walk in that compassion and caring; if we could all find a way to be One people, how much could we accomplish in 2011?  Being ONE doesn’t mean we agree with or embrace everything our neighbor embraces.  It means knowing they have the right to be different in some ways and that’s okay.

Most people worldwide want a good life.  They want to see their children get a good education and be safe.  The vast majority of earth dwellers just want to live a peaceful life with those we love.  So, I suggest that this year we focus on that huge majority.  Yes, there are a few people in every society that have given their thinking over to hate and jealousy; who don’t know the healing powers of love and forgiveness.  We know they’re there.  If you focus on the darkness you become dark.   Let’s shine our light on the good because it’s everywhere – in every city across this tired old planet.

What can we learn from children?

Love lifts us – it makes us One.  Love will help us reach out across the lines of country, religion and race and see each other as brothers and sisters.  Our highest nature will stand out for the good of our children, our individual cultures and our world.

North Georgia has a rich and diverse culture.  It is replete with decent, hard-working souls who care about their neighbors.  Southern hospitality still lives in these mountains and within that is wisdom and charity.

There is a conundrum of sorts in life that really has a very simple explanation: Love is Forgivness and Forgivness is Love.  We don’t have to understand it’s complex simplicity or where it begins or ends.  We just have to be a part of it – for the good of all. Because, in reality, we not only want to leave the world a better place for the next generation, we want to enjoy a better, happier, healthier and more loving world RIGHT NOW.

It’s within our reach. Just be the Peace, the Love, the Forgivness you want to see in others.  (And remember – forgive yourself when you have a ‘human’ moment – then get back up and try again.)  Just by that one little action, you will multiply that emotion and be a part of a great chain of action that will bring about much joy.  In reality, whether the economy is strong or not, the things that really make for a good life have nothing to do with money, possessions or capital gain.  It lies within the realm of the intangible.  It celebrates a smile on your neighbors face, a beautiful sunset, a kind word.

2011 – what wonder do you hold?


2011 – Make It Great. Keep It Strong.

November 28, 2010

We’re entering the final month of 2010.  It’s been a rocky year for most businesses and non-profits but one that has taught each of us many lessons, I am sure!  Since lessons build character and teach wisdom, we’d say we’ve all had a great year of character development!

Looking forward to 2011, we’re excited about the prospects as we each find new ways to accomplish our goals, fill niche’s and find the ‘sweet spot’. 

We here at North Georgia Community, want to take a moment to encourage our local businesses and non-profits to make sure that as they enter 2011 they are setting the stage for strength and visibility.

Don’t let your online visibility and reach be hampered by a lack-luster or nearly non-existent social media plan of action.  We know that most of you are probably tired of hearing all the cries about the need to be “in” social media and may have grown weary of some of the over-the-top claims that social media will end all your problems and worries, fill your business with orders and take your company to a whole new level of prosperity.

At North Georgia Community, we deal in reality.  But the reality is: social media is one place no business or non-profit – regardless of their size – can afford to skip out on. 

We make no claims that if you open a Twitter account, hundreds of people will suddenly flock through your doors.  BUT, that’s not entirely the purpose a good social media road map.  The rules of marketing have changed drastically as has the spending behavior of a majority of American’s.  Social media not only helps you get discovered and share your brand with the world, it is THE way consumers are increasingly turning to for input into nearly every aspect of their lives.

Be where the masses are.  Every day, new people join up on the major social media sites.  Every day your competitors are finally understanding that the reason to have a solid presence on social media extends far beyond simple marketing techniques.  Think of social media as the old fashioned Yellow Pages book we used to turn to to find a needed business in our area.  Think of it as a way to CONNECT with the people who are searching for what you offer.  Think of it as a way to LISTEN to what your consumer market is asking for and seeking out – a way to meet their needs.  Think of it as a way to become a leading voice in your community – the authority in your area of expertise – your line of work.  And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Social media is changing and growing as the people who populate each site takes the medium and changes it in the way THEY want it to go.  Face it.  The consumer is in charge these days.  HEAR what they’re saying, what they want.  Be there.  Offer your help, suggestions and expertise.  Don’t just advertise about you, you, you.  Talk to folks.  Help them when they ask for it.  Be real.  Be human.  Gain trust and integrity.  This is the new way to run a business.  This is 2011.

Here’s a blog post that piggy-backs what we’re trying to convey.  Listen.  Learn, and grow. 

2011 is going to be a great year for North Georgia.  Strong businesses and organizations can grow on the back of social media – even in an uncertain economy.

Create your road map and work your plan.