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2011 – Make It Great. Keep It Strong.

November 28, 2010

We’re entering the final month of 2010.  It’s been a rocky year for most businesses and non-profits but one that has taught each of us many lessons, I am sure!  Since lessons build character and teach wisdom, we’d say we’ve all had a great year of character development!

Looking forward to 2011, we’re excited about the prospects as we each find new ways to accomplish our goals, fill niche’s and find the ‘sweet spot’. 

We here at North Georgia Community, want to take a moment to encourage our local businesses and non-profits to make sure that as they enter 2011 they are setting the stage for strength and visibility.

Don’t let your online visibility and reach be hampered by a lack-luster or nearly non-existent social media plan of action.  We know that most of you are probably tired of hearing all the cries about the need to be “in” social media and may have grown weary of some of the over-the-top claims that social media will end all your problems and worries, fill your business with orders and take your company to a whole new level of prosperity.

At North Georgia Community, we deal in reality.  But the reality is: social media is one place no business or non-profit – regardless of their size – can afford to skip out on. 

We make no claims that if you open a Twitter account, hundreds of people will suddenly flock through your doors.  BUT, that’s not entirely the purpose a good social media road map.  The rules of marketing have changed drastically as has the spending behavior of a majority of American’s.  Social media not only helps you get discovered and share your brand with the world, it is THE way consumers are increasingly turning to for input into nearly every aspect of their lives.

Be where the masses are.  Every day, new people join up on the major social media sites.  Every day your competitors are finally understanding that the reason to have a solid presence on social media extends far beyond simple marketing techniques.  Think of social media as the old fashioned Yellow Pages book we used to turn to to find a needed business in our area.  Think of it as a way to CONNECT with the people who are searching for what you offer.  Think of it as a way to LISTEN to what your consumer market is asking for and seeking out – a way to meet their needs.  Think of it as a way to become a leading voice in your community – the authority in your area of expertise – your line of work.  And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Social media is changing and growing as the people who populate each site takes the medium and changes it in the way THEY want it to go.  Face it.  The consumer is in charge these days.  HEAR what they’re saying, what they want.  Be there.  Offer your help, suggestions and expertise.  Don’t just advertise about you, you, you.  Talk to folks.  Help them when they ask for it.  Be real.  Be human.  Gain trust and integrity.  This is the new way to run a business.  This is 2011.

Here’s a blog post that piggy-backs what we’re trying to convey.  Listen.  Learn, and grow. 

2011 is going to be a great year for North Georgia.  Strong businesses and organizations can grow on the back of social media – even in an uncertain economy.

Create your road map and work your plan. 

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