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Our Dream for 2011 – Statement of Purpose

January 3, 2011

A Community is built in the same way as this fence.

Dreams are a good thing – they can take us to our higher selves and to higher places.  They can help us define a plan of action for the reality that is our lives.

With that in mind, we’re taking a little time to target where we envision North Georgia Community going in 2011.

North Georgia Community was begun to help highlight all the great things north Georgia has to offer.  It was meant to be a platform to spotlight events, non-profits and local businesses and to support all things local.  It’s also a way to celebrate the fact that even though we are all individuals with various beliefs and leanings, we are at our core, One people.  Diversity makes us stronger.  Everyone is welcome.

To firm that up a bit, North GA Community will:

  • Generate regular articles spotlighting the people, places and events of North Georgia.
  • Conduct video interviews and post more video in general – you can’t take bad footage in north GA – everywhere you look is picturesque!
  • Teach sustainability practices that are easily adapted into people’s home routines and that save money and valuable resources.
  • Utilize Twitter effectively for broadcasting our blog posts.
  • Post regular Facebook updates.
  • Networking with the north Georgia community in general in order to build commerce, community, openness and a greater sense of ONE.
  • Celebrate all things grown, made and created in north GA.

The biggest focus we have for NGC in 2011 is to be a positive part of the great global shift that is upon us and ensure that all of us who live and work in north Georgia remain vital, prosperous and healthy in every way.

Change is good, especially when you’re ready for it and well prepared.  As we take the steps away from the old economy and old

thought forms and move

more into a new way of achieving our goals, we need to remember that each of us plays a part in the suc

cess and growth of our community.  Our focus here at NGC will be help ensure that everyone makes this shift positively and that our brothers and sisters who live among us are well fed and cared for.

You can’t have a sustainable, growing economy if some of our citizens suffer in poverty.


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