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The Value In Working With a GREEN Real Estate Agent

February 2, 2011

For info on this property, call Jennifer at 678-617-0715

No one has to tell any of us that the economy and housing market has been stressed over the past few years.  I think we’re all surprised at how long the ‘economic re-adjustment’ has taken and also by the fact that turn-around has been slow and hard to measure.

However, most of us realize that this can’t go on forever and that we’re probably in the beginning phase of recovery.  Along those lines, many realize that now is a great time to begin looking at real estate as prices are rock-bottom and interest rates are at epic lows.

At the same time,  the past few years of difficulty has left many re-thinking the American lifestyle and gravitating to a more sustainable way of living.   Smart thinking.  Though the economy will recover, a great many economic forecasters predict that we may not return to the wealth experienced over the past 25 years.  You may be considering the purchase of a new home, but instead of thinking bigger, you may well be thinking smaller, smarter, and efficient.

North Georgia is blessed with an abundance of wonderful Realtors and Agents who are able to help you find and buy a new home or sell your existing one.  But few, if any, are able to help you locate a home that will reduce your energy costs significantly or advise you in ways to improve the energy efficiency of the home you wish to sell.   Selling a home at present is a challenge.  But you’ll rise to the top of the heap if your home is the energy efficient/GREEN choice!

Jennifer Pirkle: Certified Energy Auditor and Real Estate Specialist

Enter Jennifer Pirkle of Harvest Realty.  A passionate Real Estate Specialist who loves people and loves even more facilitating a happy ending, Jennifer is also a Certified Energy Auditor.  She performs energy audits for both buyers and sellers.  To find out how Jennifer can help you, call her at: 678-617-0715.  Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, Jennifer serves the Northeastern region of Georgia.


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