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$4.00 English Muffins?

March 22, 2011

North GA Community

I was just at Kroger.  I needed to pick up some broccoli for dinner and as my broccoli in the garden is still quite small, I had to give in and go to the store.  Normally I try to avoid big boxes and invest my dollars in the local economy.  But as there were no farmer’s markets readily available….I succumbed to Krogrer.

When I passed the bread section an idea struck me to make a special breakfast for a certain someone.  While I don’t eat wheat, he does, so I decided to grab a package of Thomas’ English muffins in order to make a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for my friend.  I grabbed the package and almost did a double take!  Surely that wasn’t the price of the English muffins?  Nearly $4.00?

After checking the price ticket, however, I sadly realized that English muffins had become victim to inflation.  There was no way I was going to spend that much money on them, so I put them back.  It was then that my eyes caught glimpse of the Kroger brand – newly packaged without cardboard in a trim plastic wrapper.  No, they don’t taste exactly like Thomas’ but they’re close enough.  And, at $1.89, well I was thinking they were going to be AWESOME.

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