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How To Create Your Own Fuel For $1.00 Workshop At Cedar Hill

November 25, 2010

Cedar Hill Enrichment Center

David Blume, author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” will be speaking at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center on Sunday, December 5th 11:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.

From his website: “With alcohol fuel, you can become energy independent, reverse global warming, and survive Peak Oil in style. Alcohol fuel is “liquid sunshine” and can’t be controlled by transnational corporations. You can produce alcohol for less than $1 a gallon, using a wide variety of plants and waste products, from algae to stale donuts. It’s a much better fuel than gasoline, and you can use it in your car, right now. You can even use alcohol to generate electricity. Alcohol fuel production is ecologically sustainable, revitalizes farms and communities, and creates huge new opportunities for small-scale businesses. Its byproducts are clean and valuable. Alcohol has a proud history and a vital future.”

David Blume

David began his work in alternative fuel over 30 years ago.  Although big oil fought to keep his work from the American public, David has persisted and now teaches groups how to make their own gas safely for about $1.00 per gallon.   People can use his model to help create sustainability in their communities. 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet David in person and hear him speak.

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

11 am – 2pm




Angels Over Forsyth

November 15, 2010

There are Angels living among us.

That’s especially true for the residents of Forsyth County, GA.

Every year ANGELS OVER FORSYTH of volunteers provide a Christmas for children who would otherwise not enjoy the miracle of Christmas.

From their website:  “As the holiday season nears, Angels Over Forsyth is seeking assistance in making Christmas and the Holiday season brighter for foster children and families in need living in our community. We are in need of persons who can sponsor a child in need. We are asking that sponsors spend approximately $150.00 per child.”

Roll up your sleeves and pitch in and help – by donating time, money or both!




Harvest Realty – Effective Home Sales

November 9, 2010
Your home needs maximum exposure to be noticed in today’s market.
Additional strategic marketing that details your home’s strengths and unique characteristics is sure to make your home stand out in today’s competitive environment.
HARVEST REALTY:  The most marketable and best priced listings
P.O. Box 1927
Dahlonega, GA 30533

T’ai Chi Chih

November 7, 2010
T’ai Chi Chih – Joy Through Movement, is known as a “moving meditation”.  It was developed in 1974 by Justin Stone, who had studed T’ai Chi Ch’uan in China and wished to bring it’s benefits to the western world.  He found, however, that most westerners didn’t have the interest in devoting many years to mastering the practice.  The Western mind-set is different than that in the East.
As Justin considered this issue, he felt led to develop T’ai Chi Chih (pronounced: Tie – Chee – Chuh), which consists of a series of nineteen movements and focus on the flow of energy instead of muscular control.
T’ai Chi Chih is not a martial art or a religion.  It is a spiritual practice that works for all people – even those who do not have the use of their legs. 
Regular practice of T’ai Chi Chih promotes the following health benefits:
  • Improves the circulation in the body.
  • Reduces stress by promoting the relaxation response and decreasing muscular tensions.
  • Aligns the spine and promotes good posture.
  • Dries up excess fluids in the body/helps eleviate congestion.
  • Massages the internal organs.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Teaches the body about balance.
  • Increases kinesthetic awareness of space.
  • Promotes healing in specific areas.
  • Promotes flexibility of the ankles, waist and wrists.
  • Promotes regular breathing.
  • Stimulates the digestion/elimination process.
  • Improves upper/lower body and right/left side coordination.
  • Promotes weight control and body tonight.
  • Beneficial for pregnant women/fetus.
  • Stimulates heightened awareness and clafity of the mind.
  • Promotes the increase of energy and creativity.
  • Teaches serenity and attunement.
 I attended a FREE introductory T’ai Chi Chih class at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center this past weekend.  I had assumed on going to the class that it would be of some benefit, having heard raves about T’ai Chi practice in the past.  I was, however, totally unprepared for the magnitude of total body relaxation and well-being that came from one simple class!
Cedar Hill has a six-week workshop beginning on Wednesday, November 10.  The class will meet Wednesdays at 3:30pm from November 10-December 15.  Cost is $60.00 (or, $10 per 1-hour class).  The class is taught by Colleen Flannagan, a registered T’ai Chi Chih instructor.
Colleen Flanagan, (Right) and daughter, Erin, (Left).
Cedar Hill is a 501-c-3 non-profit in north Forsyth County, Georgia.  Their mission is to educate the public about sustainable living practices, eating locally, organic gardening practices as well as holding a variety of spiritual workshops such as Yoga and T’ai Chi Chih.  Their nearly 20 acres boast a labyrinth, educational gardens, nature trail and meditation gardens as well as a host of other interesting surprises.  The public is welcome to walk the grounds and enjoy the beauty and serenity that is, Cedar Hill.
For more workshop information:

Cedar Hill Enrichment Center

5735 Hwy. 53 East (north Forsyth County, near Hall Cty line)

Gainsville, GA 30506


Gratitude and Reciprocation

November 2, 2010


A community, like this fence, is built upon one another.


Jennifer Pirkle, the Green Wise Realtor of Northeast Georgia, posted this very kind blog about North GA Community today.

I am humbled by her kind words.

Once again my thoughts turn towards our fence rails – and the concept that just as this fence is held up by each rail, so our community is held up as each of us reach out to and support one another.

Jennifer Pirkle is a Realty Agent extraordinaire!  She works hard on behalf of buyers, sellers, landlords, renters and investors to make sure her clients needs are more than met.  She believes in community and the need to take her part not only through her work but also through volunteerism.

Because the importance of being Green is hitting home in a big


Solar Panel


way – saving GREEN for homeowners – Jennifer is seriously training as a full-service Green Wise Realty Agent.  She will be able to help clients understand each homes energy rating, what upgrades might save the most money and create an action plan to help them accomplish their goals.


Jennifer Pirkle - Your Green Wise Agent


We say “yes” to Green Wise living and Thank You to Jennifer for the kindness she has extended to us.

Local Word of Mouth

October 20, 2010

A Lighthouse serves to guide and protect

You want the people in your local community to find your business, to come out and support your efforts.

You want your neighbor’s business to succeed as well as yours because you know that a strong community is one built upon the foundation of success for all.

Print advertising is expensive and increasingly ineffective.

Is there a way to utilize the power of community to grow your business AND strengthen your community?

Fortunately, there is.

That is, in fact, exactly why North GA Community was launched.

For less than $2.00 per day we can swing the power of community in your direction and get your business in front of the eyes of the local consumer. 

We’re serious about two things: 1) building a strong community, 2) building a vital and growing local economy.

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, contact us and ask to learn more.  We can provide references for our work and our success.


We'll connect your brand to your audience.

Sue Wilson Video

October 5, 2010

Watch the official A Woman’s Life Expo video with Sue Wilson, Executive Director of Garden of Empowerment, a north Georgia non-profit that is sponsoring the expo.

Please feel free to share this video!